Runway EDO Platform

The Introduction.

After joining Creative Mines, I became a part of a team of developers tasked with creating a Business Process Management SaaS platform tailored for economic development organizations (EDOs). This product aimed to streamline and automate the operations of such organizations, offering functionalities for tracking, reporting, and fostering relationships.

Runway AI Copilot

The Challenges.

Throughout my tenure, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the product by implementing various new features. These included establishing the automated email notification system, designing and constructing endpoints for multiple landing pages, provisioning diverse testing and production environments, drafting comprehensive documentation to facilitate the onboarding process for new developers and clients, and conducting rigorous peer reviews to uphold the highest standards of quality.

Additionally, I assumed responsibility for overseeing the front-end of the product. This involved ensuring that production code adhered to compliance standards and followed modern practices, thereby facilitating easier maintenance in the future.

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Other Projects.